For centuries, land has been recognized as among the best investment options, one that protected the owner against most unforeseen circumstances and expenses such as marriage, home building, medical treatment etc. Over the years the importance of investing in land has not diminished and it holds as much value and promise as it always had. Here are a few reasons why land is the best investment option there is.

Vacant land takes very little of your time and mind space

Once you verify its titles and satisfy yourself on its value before you buy, you can just forget about land. You don’t need to know or do anything to retain the property. If it is legally approved for someone to build, your job is done. Just keep the documents safe and see the value of the property appreciate over time.

Land is a tangible asset

Unlike stocks whose value can fluctuate in value wildly and even become worthless overnight, land value is stable. Land is solid, has no wear and tear, cannot be stolen and rarely drops drastically in value. So once bought, you are safe.

A plot of land is “Hassle-free”

Tenants, clogged toilet pipes, pests, lawn care, leaking roofs, electrical malfunctioning… there are a thousand things that can bug you when you rent a property. As for land, none of these hassles exist. Just invest and it’s there, a silently performing asset.

Land is safest to assess

If you are investing in a business, you could be duped with faulty or incomplete information, stock price manipulation, etc. But you can verify the value of a plot of land by inspecting it, ascertain yourself and make an investment. It’s relatively safe and sure as long as you have verified the documentation of the property.

Land is not expensive to own in the long run

Unlike in the case of a building, you usually have no EMIs, utility bills or other recurring expenses when you invest in land. You are liable to pay property tax every year which is really nominal. If you wish to invest your surplus cash somewhere there is nothing better than land.

Land gives peace of mind

Come to think of it, any investment in land is long-term, solid, non-depreciating, indestructible and above all one with a potential to appreciate in value. Sure land gives you all the confidence and peace of mind.

They just don’t make it anymore!

Land is a fixed asset and a finite asset that cannot be created artificially. With the way our cities and towns are growing it’s only a matter of time before settlements spread out and land grows in value. So if you invest in land with the intent of holding on to it for a long period of time, it could be a lot more attractive and of course profitable compared to any other option there is for retirement.